A few words about me

In the last decade I have been accompanying and lecturing individually and collectively to visionary entrepreneurs, business owners, students and faculty members, government bodies, the army, youth, start-up companies, non-profit organizations and more. I I provide consultation to a verity of Technological start-up companies, low-tech industries and social entrepreneurship.

 I worked as the Vice President of Meti Ra'anana , senior credit economist at BDI-Cofface and more. I have an MBA with a specialization in finance from Ben-Gurion University, and a BA which I graduated with honors

Becoming "start-up nation" 101

Why is Israel defined as the "start-up nation"?

We will examine the formation of the “start-up nation” from a different angle,  in  light of the unique characteristics of the state of Israel. We will understand what "natural and unplanned" processes were the basis for the burst of creativity  and the technological progress that Israel is known for. We will learn how we can implement them in other organizations / places as well..

New World Economics

What is the connection between turtles and Kabbalah? How much can you earn from beer caps? Why home hospitality is more expensive than a meal at a restaurant? Can anyone become a digital nomad?

We live in a changing world; Occupations are lost in a rate we haven't seen since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. But unlike in the past, the new jobs created by the changes are not enough. Moreover, the technology-driven globalization processes, make local services become a part of the global competition. So what are the possibilities in this new world?


Think like an Israeli - Practical Creative Thinking

What is the connection between a wallpaper remover and a leading children's toy? How did a straw solve a business problem that senior executives failed at? Why pizza for breakfast is not such a bad idea?

The use of creative thinking is a tool for creating innovation, entrepreneurship and decision making in the business, organizations and even for our day to day life. During the meeting we will examine myths about creative thinking, experience creative exercises, and learn practical and simple tools for implementation it.


Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship – At this meeting, among the topics discussed (according to the lecture in question), we will focus on social initiatives in Israel, and on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) activity.

How does Israel encourage entrepreneurship by using NGOs? What are the advantages of NGOs versus governmental services? Models and services of an NGO in the field of SMB & STARTUP



Target Audience

The lectures can be adapted to a variety of audiences.

The lectures were successfully transferred to government groups, students from abroad, university faculty, entrepreneurs and more.


The lengths of the lectures and workshops range from an hour and a half to a full day.
The lengths is depending on the content and size of the group


Number of participants

As a lectures - up to 50

As a workshop 10 to 20 people

I am here for any quetion 🙂

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